• Follow the Correct Layout Format

The one thing that we do require you do when making your Wiki pages, is to follow the Layout Guides for creating Player and Alliance pages. This is a good way to help keep DT History clean and looking sharp. If you have a very extensive article, it may be ok to add a Table of Contents, but if your article is short, it is not all that necessary. You can add more content sections to your Player or Alliance Wiki article, but do not add to or edit any of the formatting of the layout of the page.

  • Keep it Clean

When it comes to the content you are posting on the Wiki, all forum rules apply here. This means absolutely no flaming, trolling, ranting, offensive or derogatory language or links, etc.

  • No Cheater Accusations

Just like the forum, the Wiki is no place for pointing fingers. If you believe someone is cheating, please let us know through the support center.

  • Post in English Only

English is the common language among all of us in the community, so you must use English only here.

  • Only Post Recruit Links on Player Profile Layouts.

If you would like to post your recruit link on your DT Wiki profile, you may, but only in the "External Links" section of your player profile.

  • Keep Your Posts Within Reason

Do not “hijack” a Wiki article by posting something completely unrelated to the title of the article.

  • No Spamming

Again, as with the forum, do not post just for the sake of posting. Try to make every post worthwhile. Articles containing just a few of words (like “I luv DT” or “Somebody should write something here”) are frowned upon.

  • No Adult Images or Language

Do not upload adult images to the Wiki or link to them in your posts. Some of the players using the Wiki are quite young, and we also have people of all ages playing from work or public places, or who just don’t want to see those kinds of images! In keeping with our family friendly atmosphere, adult-only articles and comments are also not allowed. When in doubt, check with a mod or tutor before making your post.

  • No Advertising For Other Sites

Do not post links to other websites such as other online games, programs, or get-rich-quick schemes. Do not discuss or post links to sites that offer illegal downloads of software or media.

Note: We reserve the right to change these rules at any time, without notice.

Note: We also reserve the right to enforce other rules as we see fit. The list above is incomplete, and does not include all of the rules that may be enforced.

Please message AlmightyBigfoot888 in Dark Throne Gold at with any possible concerns.

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